Tương lai gần

I. Chia động từ trong ngoặc ở thì tương lai gần

1. Hector the guitar. (play)

2. Paul and her sister tennis. (play)

3. Helen a picture. (draw)

4. Your sister some clothes. (buy)

5. Elizabeth some flowers in the garden. (water)

6. Miranda an English book. (read)

7. Ernesto some clothes. (wash)

8. Alex football at school. (play)

9. Daniela television in her bedroom. (watch)

10. Arthur the dog for a walk. (take)

11. Tino his bike today. (ride)

II. Viết lại câu cho đúng

1. It are going to rain tomorrow.

2. They are going to watch a movie yesterday.

3. Anna and Sarah is going to shop at the mall this evening.

4. Sue is going to play badminton with her friend yesterday morning.

5. Linda and Susan is going to Busan on their coming holiday.

6. Look at the dark clouds in the sky. It will rain!

7. Dad and Mom are going to work 2 days ago.

8. Tony are going to do tennis this afternoon.

III. Dùng từ gợi ý viết thành câu hoàn chỉnh (dùng thì tương lai gần)

1. She / dance / at the party / tomorrow evening.

2. Petty / go shopping / in the supermarket / this evening.

3. Poland / buy / a new car / next month.

4. My dad and mom / watch a movie / tonight.

5. Petty / go shopping / in the supermarket / this evening.

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