Bài tập tính từ đuôi ed và đuôi ing


1. My dog is , he doesn’t like the ball. (bore)

2. These books are ! (bore)

3. I was very . I went to bed that night. (tire)

4. I like science fiction; they are very . (interest)

5. I don’t like math, they are . (bore)

6. He is very for the movie tonight! (excite)

7. Look at this video! It is very . (satisfy)

8. I am in education, I love it! (interest)

9. This website is very ! (annoy)

10. She is right now. (tire)

11. I was because I spitted the juice in front of my mom! (embarrass)

12. He is in space science. (interest)

13. Geography is very to her. (interest)

14. They are because they are going to get caught! (worry)

15. I am that my favorite singer won the award. (surprise)

16. I was with the show. I expected it to be much better. (disappoint)

17. The news was ! (shock)

18. I am very in tennis. (interest)

19. London is an city. (excite)

20. The film was . (bore)

21. Her experience was really . (frighten)

22. He finds the lessons . (tire)

23. He is with the science experiment. (amaze)

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