Câu điều kiện loại 3


1. If you had driven more carefully, you (not have) an accident.

2. If she (go) to the party, she would have had a good time.

3. If John(wake up) early, he wouldn’t have been late.

4. If we had bought the tickets in time, they (not see) sold out.

5. If she (not take)her umbrella, she would have gotten soaked.

6. If you had talked to me about it, I (help) you.

7. If he had listened to his parents, he(not make) a mistake.

8. If I (be)a good cook, I would have invited them for dinner.

9. If we had worked faster, we(finish) the project in time.

10. If they(apologize), they would have been invited to the wedding.

11. If you (not eat) so much, you wouldn’t have felt sick.

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